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Choose from our laser engraved brass trophy plates, our laser engraved aluminum
trophy plates, or our diamond engraved brass trophy plates. Our laser engraved brass trophy
plates are black in color. Laser engraving burns off the black to reveal the beautiful gold colored brass. Our aluminum trophy plates come in your choice of black, silver, gold, or white colors.
Our diamond engraved brass trophy plates are available in your choice of  natural engraved Brass, or Black Brass. We can also blacken the freshly engraved text on your diamond engraved brass trophy plate while leaving the rest of your brass trophy plate its original color.
Our laser engraved black brass trophy plates have a thickness of .020", while our diamond engraved brass trophy plates are available in your choice of .040" thick or  .020" thick. Brass trophy plates are best suited for interior use.

All wording will be centered unless you specify otherwise.
Diamond drag engraving is done with a diamond tip cutter. This process etches the text and/or logo into the metal. This is the most traditional way to to make engraved  tags, trophy plates, plaques, and nameplates. The diamond cutter can etch very fine lines into most materials, which gives an elegant look to tags, plaques, trophy plates, name tags, and nameplates.

The difference between diamond drag engraving and laser engraving is that the diamond tip cutter actually "drags" across the material being engraved while laser engraving uses a laser to engrave or mark an object. This technique can be very technical and complex and usually uses a computer system to drive the movements of the laser head. Despite the complexity of laser engraving, very precise and clean engravings can be achieved at a high rate.
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